Grant for Photographers Working for Social Change

The Open Society Foundation has an Audience Engagement which provides funding for photographers to take an existing body of work and present it to the public in an innovative way such that it acts as a catalyst for social change.
The announcement on the Open Society Foundation web site says: “We are interested in well-designed projects that inspire audiences visually and create meaningful interactions with photographic content.”
“Projects should combine existing bodies of work with programming or tools that give viewers a deeper, more nuanced understanding of issues and empower them to participate in the process of improving their own or others’ realities. Projects should also include a partnership between a photographer and an organization that combines expertise in documentary photography with experience working on the topic or community the project addresses.”
There will be between five and eight grants awarded of between $5,000 and $30,000.
Although the initial deadline for the optional pre-screening letter of intent has passed, applicants can still fill in the online application by May 23. To find out more about the grant and to make application go to Audience Engagement Grant Guidelines.