Facebook Group for African Photographers (and those working with African photography)

You may or may not know that Africa Media Online hosts a Facebook group geared specifically at informing and empowering African photographers. While we do have some international photographers subscribed to the group, the resource is really there primarily to further the work and careers of African photographers.

So if you are an African photographer (by that I mean anyone who carries an African passport), or you have an interest in and the ability to further African photography, I would like to invite you to join the group. You may be a curator of a gallery or museum, a photo editor, an educator or an academic working on African photography – you are welcome. We are strict about who joins, so if your Facebook profile does not lead us to conclude you are a professional photographer or seriously engaged in related activities, you are unlikely to crack the nod and gain entry into the group. If that is the case and you feel there is a legitimate reason you should be included, please feel free to email me on editor@davidl637.sg-host.com and let me know you’ve attempted to join the group and why.