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Whether you need to purchase world-class colour targets to support your digitisation effort or you need affordable capture devices, Africa Media Online is a trusted partner to assist you in setting up and managing your digitisation unit.

David Goldblatt's Camera: limited time offer

Toward the end of his life, David Goldblatt took the plunge and finally invested in a digital camera that was up to his exacting standard. Africa Media Online came into possession of this camera in 2019 and under a special agreement with the Goldblatt family, offers are being received until 12 noon SAST on Friday October 30, 2020.
Reserve: USD16,500.00

David Goldblatt is considered one of South Africa’s most defining photographers of the apartheid era. His critique of apartheid was all the more powerful for the ability he had with his pictures to quietly peel back the symptoms and give his audience insight into the causes of the injustices that had become endemic in South African society.

I enjoyed a relationship with David over the last decade of his life. As Africa Media Online we had come to represent the South Photo collection of which David’s collection was a part and we digitized many of his images. From time to time he would refer photographers with worthy collections to me for digitisation and representation.

When David passed away in 2018 we engaged with the Goldblatt family on a project known as the Photo Legacy Project and as part of the arrangement came into possession of David’s last camera which he purchased from specialist camera suppliers Capture Integration in Atlanta, Georgia. This was David’s first digital camera. Knowing his character, he would have meticulously researched his options and settled on this camera and this configuration. Sadly, while he had placed the order for this camera in November 2017, he only took delivery of it in April 2018, just months before he passed away.

Africa Media Online has a limited window of opportunity to sell this camera to a discerning collector.

David Larsen, Managing Director, Africa Media Online

Bids to be submitted by 12 midnight SAST Sunday November 29, 2020. To enquire further and submit bids, please email:

A 70 mm Sinar branded Rodenstock lens, part of his new camera, sits on David’s desk at his home in Norwood, Johannesburg where I visited the family near the end of 2018.

The camera is kept in this Think Tank bag that David used.

David’s bag includes both the waterproof cover that seemed to come with the bag, and what seems to be a home made hood that David used to block out the light, a hood that seemed to have been used by him for many years and may have been the hood he used in taking most of his most famous photographs.

All the equipment David carried with him, beside a tripod, has a place in the bag.

David Goldblatt’s last camera was this Phase One IQ150 digital back with a Cambo Actus DB II body and three Sinar commissioned Rodenstock lenses (40 mm, 50 mm and 70 mm) all neatly packed in this Think Tank bag. The system includes four batteries, battery charger, connector cables, two shutter releases as well as other accessories including the hood David used for many years.

David Goldblatt’s Cambo Actus DB II body with Sinar branded Rodenstock 70 mm lens.

David invested in a Phase One IQ150 digital back with a P1 Mount

David’s original Gosen Lunasix 3 manual light meter. This model was introduced in 1966 and was famed for its low light sensitivity which is still impressive by today’s standards. David is likely to have used this same light meter for most of his career.

This image shows part of David Goldblatt's last camera on his desk at his home in Johannesburg.

Epson 10000XL Graphic Arts Scanner

The Epson Expression 10000XL graphic arts scanner is an A3+ graphics arts scanner that produced good quality scanning in our digitization bureau for a number of years. Having migrated to CMOS sensor based digital capture systems, we are needing to part with it and hope it can be of good use to another organization to the same degree as it has been to us.

Price: ZAR40,000 incl. VAT

Studio shot of the front of an Epson Expression 10000XL scanner

The scanner has been kept in mint condition as can be seen by this front view.

The back of the scanner. With a resolution of 2400dpi and high optical density of 3.8 DMax, the EPSON Expression 10000XL boasts excellent quality up to a full A3+. Easy to use, the EPSON Scan driver has both automatic and professional modes, the optional A3 transparency unit enables easy film batch scanning and advanced connectivity is built-in with USB 2.0 Hi Speed and IEEE1394 (FireWire) together with optional networking.

Epson was one of the few companies that continued to invest in scanner technology after the advent of digital cameras. Not only did they do that successfully, but they made professional quality scanners accessible to small companies, organisations and individuals. This graphic art scanner is ideal if you need high quality digital capture of anything from art works to negatives. The scanner comes with its own software, but is also compatible with great third-party software such as Silverfast and Vuescan.