Editing Pages

How administrators can edit text on the Home, About and Contact pages in Memat 4

3 minutes 5 seconds

Edit Pages

This video looks at how administrators can add text on their home, about and contact pages. Assuming you’re logged in as an administrator, you can click on admin in the menu bar, which will take you through to the back end where you will see various administrative functions. Look for pages on the menu on the left and click on that. On the following screen, you will see a number of options, the three pages that you will edit are home, about and contact. Using the about page as an example, when you hover over the page link, a list of options appears. Click on edit. This is a standard WordPress editor and you can see the page title, page URL, or permalink and the page elements. Now how do you add a text element? At the bottom of the column box, you can click on the plus sign and because you want to add text select text block this loads the Text Block editor with default text, clear that text out and add some generic text. Save Changes and remember to update. Back on the about page, If we refresh you’ll see that those changes have been made.

If I want to centre this text, make parts of it bold, change the text colour or add a link?
Hover over the text block, you will see a pen icon. Click on that and the text edit box will appear. Towards the top of that box, you will see text edit options, plus a few more if you click on the toolbar toggle icon. To the centre, the text click on the lines icon. To make the text bold, highlight the text and then click on the Icon labelled B. To change text colour highlight the text and click on the “A” Icon and select the colour
To add a link to pull up the text, highlight the text. Click on the link icon, Paste the URL, save changes And finally update.