Digitising Your Photos with Your Camera and Lightroom

A good friend of Africa Media Online, Peter Krogh, has recently launched an excellent book called “Digitizing Your Photos with Your Camera and Lightroom“. Peter is a master of digital workflow and many of us have benefitted over the years from his input on Africa Media Online’s Digital Campus training. He was also a major part of producing our Shutha free online training resource that we created with funding from the Dutch Postcode Lottery via World Press Photo as part of the Twenty Ten project. Another good friend, Dominique Le Roux of Moonshine Media, who also worked with us on the Twenty Ten project collaborated with Peter doing the editing and layout for this book.
Over the years Peter has worked closely with the likes of Adobe, Phase One and Microsoft giving input to their products and in 2005 he authored The DAM Book which has just been released in its third version. That certainly put Peter on the map as a major source of help to photographers who were coming into the digital age. In “Digitizing Your Photos with Your Camera and Lightroom” Peter turns his attention to the preservation of photographic collections, particularly personal and family collections. For many professional photographers with large collections that sit as prints, negatives and slides, this resource is incredibly valuable as it provides a detailed and thorough manual on migrating those precious photographs into digital form where they can be repurposed for so much. So if you have a collection of photographs sitting in boxes or filing cabinets, here is the resource you need to make them come alive again! I highly recommend it.

This is not just a book, it is also a digital resource with demonstration videos and you can buy it in digital form as a PDF or ePub or you can order a physical book that comes with a DVD of demo videos. You can buy it directly from Peter on The DAM Book website, or you can purchase from Amazon.

The front cover of Peter Krogh’s book “Digitizing Your Photos with Your Camera and Lightroom.