Creating and Editing Selections

The Selection Functionality gives you the ability to group a selection of media files to help you or your users make choices.

1. Login on the system.

2. Do a search for the items you want to add to your selection.

3. Look at the bottom of your page where the grey band floats. If you are logged-in as ADMIN check that the Selections and NOT the Galleries tab is in front.

4. You need to give the selection a name before you can add anything to it.

5. An icon with a plus sign will appear on every thumbnail and next to the preview size media file. Click on this icon in either place to add the item to your selection.

6. The count should go up from 0 to 1 time as you add it.

7. To see what is in your selection while you are adding to it click on the ‘maximise’ link in the floating grey band at the bottom of your page.

8. To complete the selection click on VIEW in the floating grey band. From here you can finalise your selection and remove any unwanted media files.

9. Drag and drop the items into the desired order.

10. To share your selection choose EMAIL from the floating grey bar.

11. Return to your selection at any time to edit it, add or delete media files, re-order them or send to someone else.