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The digitisation of the ANC Archives by Africa Media Online began in 2012 at the University of Fort Hare and continued on and off until 2018.  Tens of thousands of images have been digitised and will be added to the collection over the coming weeks and months.

These are the images currently available for licensing



Anti-Apartheid Solidarity 

“The Young Communist Movement of France (the “Jeunesse Communiste” MJCF) was particularly active during 1986, holding a number of mass demonstrations protesting against apartheid and calling for the release of Nelson Mandela”view the gallery



Artefacts from the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College (SOMAFCO). Chemistry set components in a wooden holder. In the wake of the 1976 uprising of the youth in Soweto and other townships of South Africa, the ANC established the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College (SOMAFCO) at Mazimbu near the town of Morongoro, Tanzania on land donated by the Tanzanian government. The College was the outcome of the work of the ANC education committee in London to pioneer a new model of education for South Africa….view the gallery



The United Nations 

“Edwin Ogbu, Chairman of the United Nations Special Committee Against Apartheid, reading the “Anti-Apartheid News” in London, 1973.” This photograph forms part of a series of captioned photographic records titled “The United Nations and Apartheid”, that was presented to Nelson Mandela, President of the Republic of South Africa, by United Nations Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali in October 1994view the gallery 


Nairobi Streets



Eli Weinberg Collection

Born in a Jewish family in Latvia in 1908, Eli Weinberg moved to South Africa in 1929 and became an anti-apartheid activist and a member of the South African Communist Party. He also worked as a photographer for many years. Weinberg experienced both prison sentences and banning in South Africa and escaped house arrest in 1976 to spend the rest of his life in exile in Dar Es Salaam. While much of his work was lost when he needed to flee South Africa, he documented the struggle against apartheid and ANC activities in Tanzania.view the gallery



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