A DAMS specifically geared toward the beautiful and engaging display of open access heritage collections

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AM Quartex is a digital asset management (DAM) system that enables libraries and archives to powerfully showcase, share and celebrate their archival materials in intuitive and visually engaging ways. Africa Media Online’s Preservatio digital repository interfaces with AM Quartex as the web interface for heritage collections.

Quartex is the only digital collections platform that includes both Optical Character Recognition (OCR)and AI-powered Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) technology. Together, HTR and OCR enable search beyond metadata, making your text-based materials more discoverable and accessible through automated transcription and full-text search. Quartex can become your transcription one-stop-shop; your command centre for generating editable, fully searchable manuscript transcriptions and transcriptions of all your handwritten and printed digital assets.

Open your AV materials to deeper exploration with the in-platform hosting, streaming and discovery capabilities of Quartex. From oral histories and music recordings to newsreels, commercial films and footage from private collections, your audio-visual files can be ingested into Quartex and showcased with our powerful range of discoverability and accessibility features.

Engage your user community and improve understanding of your archival collections with dynamic, feature-rich and easy-to-build digital exhibitions. As well as being a vital means of staying connected with audiences as part of your outreach strategy, digital exhibitions also create journeys into your digital collections. Use them to guide users deeper into your most popular or historically significant resources or to highlight less well known facets of your collections.

Achieve your open access objectives with Quartex, which enables you to publish your digitised archival collections for global audiences. Give analogue collections the digital profile they deserve, opening up new research opportunities and broader awareness of your library’s holdings, and publish newly digitised materials that enable researchers to critically evaluate accepted knowledge. Quartex uses the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) to publish resources for collaborative research.

Quartex is easy to implement and intuitive to use, and supports diverse user needs and workflows, providing a robust and scalable solution to digital asset management and presentation. Manage digitised assets your way with customisable settings and workflows, and powerful batch editing functionality. Then customise your front-end site or multiple sites to meet WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards as well as your navigation and branding requirements.

Quartex is more than a digital asset management (DAM) system. It’s also a powerful content management system (CMS), a website creation tool with which you can build multiple, showstopping websites to showcase your digital collections. Build responsive and highly searchable websites that meet WCAG 2.1AA accessibility standards as well as your own navigation and branding requirements.

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Africa Media Online has spent over two decades developing its Preservatio digital repository system and is now working toward incorporating the above best-of-breed digital curation systems from around the world into an integrated solution for the African market.

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AM Quartex

 Dr Ramphele, Chairperson of the Tutu IP Trust, says, “The digital platform was developed for the Archbishop Tutu IP Trust by Africa Media Online, a South African company specializing in digital preservation and archiving, and AM Quartex, a UK-based company focusing on discoverability and design that allows users to access the archive on any digital device. The digital platform has been designed to be accessible, easily searchable, and robust.” Blog reference

Nuuseum is committed to creating an educational and interactive platform for the preservation of an inclusive Afrikaans cultural heritage. We’re thrilled that, through the support of Africa Media Online, Quartex was chosen to showcase these digital collections, and to have supported Nuuseum throughout the development of its site, which is presented entirely in the Afrikaans language.

Dr Lizabé Lambrechts, CEO of Nuuseum, said, “It was a wonderful experience working with the intuitive AM Quartex platform, easy to use and shape into the platform and system our users expect. We look forward to working with the AM Quartex team to refine the translation and Afrikaans search possibilities of this platform and site.” (AM Quartex: LinkedIn)