African voices reach all corners of the world

With 108 journalists from some 34 African countries, the ‘Allstar’ journalists of the Twenty Ten project certainly do hail from all parts of Africa. That was certainly made clear when we all sat together in the training workshops, comparing notes from our respective regions of the world. But I don’t think that many comprehend quite how far around the globe these African voices are being amplified.
Africa Media Online, the organization responsible for the distribution of the content provided by the project’s journalists – including text, photography, audio and multimedia – works with dozens of international agencies who act as ‘resellers’, distributing content in their own territories and languages.
The main players involved in distributing Twenty Ten content include:
China Foto Press in China
dpa Picture Alliance in Germany
East News in Poland
Fotolink in Russia and Ukraine
Hollandse Hoogte in The Netherlands
Image Works in the USA
Imagine China in China
Keystone in Switzerland
La Presse in Italy
laif in Germany
Majority World in Bangladesh and the UK
Newscom in the USA
Other Images in South America
Panos in the UK
Pixpalace in the USA
Sipa in France
ullstein in Germany
Other resellers of Africa Media Online content who have access to the material but operate in more specialist niches, include
akg images in Germany
Alamy in the UK
Alinari in Italy
Belga in Belgium
Construction in the UK
Dukas in Switzerland
fotofinder in Germany
imago in Germany
IML in Greece
Lebrecht in the UK
mauritius images in Germany
Medium in Poland
Photo12 in France
Tongro in Korea
UPPA in the UK
REA in France
Voetbal International in The Netherlands