Africa Media Online launches new online media management system

Ten years of evolving solutions have resulted in another release of MEMAT, Africa Media Online’s professional collections management system. Conforming very closely to the requirements of the Open Archival Information System (OAIS), the ISO standard for long term archiving of digital media, MEMAT is used by media organisations and media professionals to manage and present digital media collections. As a professional system, it is suitable for use by independent media professionals as well as large institutions needing to manage media files in multiple locations. The latest release, MEMAT 3.1 has added key features such as the ability to handle audio and multimedia or footage files as well as photographs.
MEMAT 3 includes the following basic features:
Digital Asset Management: You can store, manage metadata, organise, display and retrieve digital images, audio files and footage or multimedia files using IPTC and XMP standards. High res media files can be uploaded from anywhere in the world.

Customer relationship management: Integrated with a professional user management program – SugarCRM for managing visitors to your site. Users also have their own account page to track their activity on the site.
Security: Permission based interfaces allow you decide on the levels of access you give others to view, license and download your media.

Advanced lightbox features: Site users can create, edit and view lightboxes and then email lightbox links and watermarked comps, as well as share, copy and move media files between lightboxes and lightbox users.

MEMAT History
The first version of MEMAT was launched in 2001. In 2005 the entire system was upgraded to MEMAT 2 using Open Source technologies, building on lessons learned in the first version. MEMAT 3.0 was another revision to make use of the latest Open Source technologies and was launched in 2009. Improvements in MEMAT 3 have resulted in the latest release of MEMAT 3.1
Africa Media Online has created a product based on its own experiences at the heart of the heritage and media industries with years of experience in developing and using photographic websites and running an extensive media library. We are also experts in large volume digitisation and digital work flow and MEMAT forms a crucial part of this work flow.
MEMAT 3.1 Improvements over MEMAT 3.0:

  • Ecommerce is now available with a flexible pricing calculator
  • You can select to give users access to downloading either high, medium, low or web res images.
  • User download information is stored in “My downloads” in the new “Account” section.
  • Extra functionality in the lightboxes
  • SugarCRM – MEMAT 3.1 is integration with a professional CRM tool
  • The option to have various media types – images, audio and footage