Africa in Perspective

Above: Francis Ntsikithi one of Africa Media Online’s digitisation team members in the Digitisation Centre at the Vukani Museum which was set up by Africa Media Online with funding from the National Lottery. Africa Media Online spend a number of weeks at the museum digitising their entire collection of Zulu basketware and other artifacts. Behind Francis are other team members, Magloire Marango and Steven Ntsikithi. PHOTO: David Larsen

I came across this map not so long ago that put Africa in the correct perspective. Traditional cartographic projections do not do our continent justice because Africa is over the equator and other land masses closer to the poles so they appear larger than they are. Kai Krause created this map to show how very large Africa really is in comparison to other land masses in the world. The image is in the public domain so you can use it. Spread it around. It’s good to gain a real view of Africa!

Above: Click on the image to go through to see how this was calculated

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  1. thanx guys this is a powerful revelation.the first time i heard of this issue was in 2008 when i was doing my Diplopma in Film studies by Dr Chivaura who was teaching us on a subject called African Text and Symbols.its unfortunate the injustice done to our continent by the cartographers who had a colonial ideology of demeaning Africans.the psychological effect was that africa was to look for those on bigger maps as powerfull and also created a situation were africans thought they had nothing in terms of resources and human capacity to develop. surely as i was growing up i always looked at my continent as the smallest and this went on even at the way i looked myself against people from other continents.let me tell you africas resourecs can sustain this world for the next 100million years.we did the math and we know it.the symbol of africa is that of a mother that sustains its children(world).the txt that the catographers gave is that africa is but a small child, that is eternaly wrong.its a big subject that even african filmmakers need to know and explore in their works to tell the true african story.
    african story by africans for africans and the world.
    thomas mukandi
    Film Director
    DigitalWorks Film Production

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