Administrating Users

Adding Users

Users can be added to your DATABASE in one of two ways, they can either register on your system or you go into the DATABASE and add them. This is procedure to add a User via the DATABASE:

1. Login as an Administrator on your web system.

2. Click on the ADMIN link at the top of your page.

3. Select USERS.

4. Add the new USER. Your average USER login is called ‘buyer’ if you want others to have access to the same functionality as you then make them an ‘administrator’. These other administrators however will not receive the email notifications off the system.

5. Decide if this User should have access to high resolution versions of the media on your system. This is done by choosing Downloads: High Resolution.

6. Update User.

7. Changes can be made at any time to the users by selecting Edit a USER.

A user can also be added to your database via your websystem. If you go onto your MEMAT system, not logged-in, you will see a link register. Click on the link and fill in all the fields. This user will be automatically added to your USER database with the role of ‘buyer’.

Watch the MEMAT: Administrating Users Video