Administrating MEMAT 4

Adding Users

When logged-in as the System Administrator you are able to do everything that a normal user can do such as searching, browsing, creating selections and downloading low resolution images, but you also have the ability to carry out tasks that no other user has permission to do such as:

Creating Galleries

Administrating Users

Managing Orders

Creating Blog Posts

Viewing Websystem Statistics

Logging Faults

Administrator Emails

The main contact person for your system you should receive emails when the following actions happen on your system which enables you to maintain full control of your system.

  • a user SIGNS UP on your system;
  • a user DOWNLOADS a file on your system;
  • a user ORDERS high resolution files from your system.

Any other administrators that you create in your system will not receive these. They only go to one person and you would need to log a ticket through Bugherd to change this.