Accessing High Resolution Files

High resolution files can be accessed from your MEMAT System directly by anyone to whom you grant authorisation. There are different types of permissions you can give to users. There are two major ways that people can access these files:

Download status: you can give full access to someone allowing them to download any files from the system.

Ordering: you can give limited access to some people, only allowing them to download specific files that they order from you.

Below we will consider the first option and in a separate tutorial we will explain the second option.

How to give download status to a user

1. Firstly it is essential to understand how to add users to your database. Please refer to that tutorial.

2. Once the User you require has been added to your database, either by registering on the system or by being created in the backend, you need to find them on the database. Login as the Administrator and click on ADMIN. Go to USERS, fill in their name and search.

3. Click on edit below the User’s name.

4. At the bottom of their page is the Downloads option. Select High Resolution.

5. Click Update User.

How to download a file as a user

This is how the User would access the files once you have given them download status. You can send them these instructions:

1. Login on the system.

2. Browse or search for the file/s that you want to download.

3. On the thumbnail or the preview image you will see a download icon displaying the words ‘Download High Res’ if you scroll over it.

5. Download the file to your desktop.

NOTE: As an Administrator you will probably also want to give yourself download status to enable you to have full access to your archive. You can create multiple administrators and you can give them all download status.