Save the Date: Digital Campuses 2022

Heritage Digital Campus
Participants in Africa Media Online's Heritage Digital Campus 2019 held at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg in September 2019.

Africa Media Online is due to host four digital campuses in 2022. Focused on providing a clear framework for building an enduring digital archive, Africa Media Online’s Digital Campus has been run since 2005.

Modules are aimed at both senior managers, who need to understand the whole process of building a digital archive, and at hands-on technical people who need to perform work such as archival arrangement, digitisation and metadata capture. The campuses have been run in partnership with top South African universities and heritage institutions and are known for bringing in leading international experts and leveraging the wisdom of those on the cutting edge of the local digitisation and digital archiving world.

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The four digital campuses will be aimed at particular sectors. Here are the provisional dates which are subject to confirmation:

  • Schools Archives Digital Campus – May 9-13
  • Heritage Digital Campus – Second half of the year
  • Media Digital Campus – Second half of the year
  • Corporate Archives Digital Campus – Second half of the year

We will be confirming the venues, trainers and dates as soon as possible. For any queries please contact Melanie Rood on