Spreading it far and wide

The Egypt workshop has just drawn to a close and Dominique landed back in South Africa today. In the meantime the Africa Media Online team has been hard at work getting the output of the Twenty Ten project spread far and wide.
We have put them up on the features page of our own web site. If you click on a feature and then click on the “View in CoolIris” you can have an enhanced viewing experience.
Here are some places that the press has picked up on the project: Pictorial Online; Bizcommunity; Lightstalkers; Digital Picture Library Manager; World Press Photo

Above: February 2009 – Africa Media Online’s media manager, Dominique Le Roux (right) with Hollandse Hoogte’s Adriaan Monshouwer (centre) at the offices of Hollandse Hoogte picture agency in Amsterdam, Netherlands

These are some of our distribution partners around the world that are getting the work out there and there are more to follow:
Belgium: Belga; China: China Foto Press, Imagine China; France: Sipa; Germany: Fotofinder, Ullstein Bild; Netherlands: Hollandse Hoogte, Poland: East News; Russia: Fotolink; South America Other Images; Spain: Album United Kingdom: Panos Pictures, Photoshot; United States America: Image Works, Newscom