Here at Africa Media Online

We enable Africans to tell Africa’s story by operating a digital trade route to get your media collections to your audience, from digitising physical documents and museum objects to displaying your digital archive to the public, we manage all the facets of the digital preservation and access process.

  • Digitisation: We have digitised a number of Africa’s most significant archives using our world-class equipment to capture millions of document pages, photographs, museum objects, paintings and other media.

  • Digital archiving: Once we digitise your archive we gather all the content into a digital archive with associated metadata to make every single asset findable.

  • Preservatio: To facilitate the best archive for your needs we have partnered with some of the world’s leading digital archiving systems to provide you with the perfect system for your needs.

  • Picture Library: While most of our clients prefer to have their own independent digital archive we also have our own digital archive where we license images from our clients and from photographers around Africa to publishing and broadcast markets.

  • Training: Every year we provide extensive training to enable you to build your own digital archive. Our next training opportunity is the Heritage Digital Campus.