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Snapshots of Accra: Commerce Formal and Informal

As the capital of Ghana, Accra is home to the headquarters of many multinational businesses including banks. The majority of the population, however, are engaged in the informal sector.

The formal and informal sectors can be seen to operate alongside each other in the first series of pictures where minibus taxis drop customers at the Accra Mall. The Accra Mall is home to many South African retail companies as well as some local Ghanaian companies and other international retailers.

Banks and cell phone companies have impressive headquarters along Liberation Road, a major arterial in the city. The University of Accra hosts conferences and their botanical gardens have entered into a partnership with a private company to run tourist ventures near the entrance.

Rental space in impressive apartment blocks near the Tettah Quarshie Interchange is another manifestation of the formal economy in the city.

The Jamestown Café is part of the tourism industry too and also makes space for art exhibitions.

The informal sector is evident everywhere in Accra from street vendors in the traffic and the sidewalks selling cool drinks on a hot day, coffin makers in the Teshie part of the city, a tyre repair company operating on the side of a street, arts and crafts vendors at the Centre for National Arts and Culture to motorbike taxis that operate all over the city.

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