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Indigenous Peoples

This gallery gives an overview of some of the pictures of African tribal peoples and rituals available on Africa Media Online. With African tribal rituals and customs are being lost to the global culture, our photographers are actively working on capturing these rituals and cultural traditions on camera.

Some of the tribal groups that we have images from include the Baka, the Karo, the Khoisan, the Maasai, the Mursi, the Himba, the Pygmy, the Hamer, the Ndebele, the Pygmy, the Samburu, the Swazi, the Tuareg, the Venda, the Xhosa and the Zulu. Please do specific keyword searches to find other African tribal images not in this selection.

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"Indigenous Peoples"

Young Naro bushman (San) family, Central Kalahari,
ETHIOPIA,South Omo, Mago National Park, Mursi man i
GW0168, South Africa, Eastern Cape, 1998: Circumcis
Rwanda, Intore dancer
Himba women at their hut in the desert, Kunene regi
Xhosa mKwetha (young man who has just been circumci
Traditional Zulu dress, Zululand
Xhosa woman. Making a basket. Coffee bay. Eastern C
Matwasana initiation ceremony in Bushbuck Ridge. Tw
Xhosa amaKwetha (young men who has just been circum
Traditional healer – Mai Mai, Johannesburg
Young Naro bushman (San) man, Central Kalahari, Bot
GW1206, South Africa, Durban, 1990\
PXGW0054, South Africa, Port Elizabeth, 1994.Xhosa
AB0039, Kenya, 1990's: Samburu Girls.. Photo: Andre
Prince Galenga. Great grandson of King Shaka's cous
Herero woman walking in desert. Purros. Kaokaland.
Zulu mother and baby
ETHIOPIA, South Omo, Mago National Park, Mursi girl
GW0765, South africa, Johannesburg, Soweto, 1994: A
Sangoma throwing bones in the city, South Africa
ETHIOPIA,  Turmi, Hamer girl
San (Bushman) people walking accross sand dune. Nor
An armour bearer holds the gold plated traditional
Zulu power: Former Deputy President, Jacob Zuma (le
Bushman.(San). Couple. Near Kalahari Gemsbok Nation
Heritage Day in South Africa Coincides with the Zul
Zulu warrior. Shakaland. Eshowe. KwaZulu Natal. Sou
Xhosa amaKwetha (young men who have just been circu
Rwanda, Intore dancer
Basotho women in traditional dress. Lesotho.
Zulu dancers perform as part of the St Lucia Wetlan
Zulu warrior. Shakaland. Eshowe. KwaZulu Natal. Sou
Xhosa Bride (RHS) portrait. Johannesburg. South Afr
Rwanda, Intore dancer
Reuben Makazhu and his wife Dadirew Gocherame have
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